Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Professor, Neuroscience
University of Exeter , United Kingdom
Biography :

Dario Furnari is Ph.d. in Applied Biomedical Sciences in the neuroscience and traumatology and neuropharmacology sector

OCM Member
senior lecture, The School of Pharmacy
Monash University Malaysia , Malaysia
Biography :

Dr. Alan Lee obtained his PhD from the University of Hong Kong. He is currently a senior lecture at the School of Pharmacy, Monash University Malaysia. Current focus of his research is to understand the functions of axon guidance molecules semaphorins and plexins in cell migration and invasion, axon navigation, cellular differentiation, neuronal regeneration and brain tumor development. His research team has recently revealed the tumor suppressor functions of semaphorin 5A in human glioblastomas and is currently exploring its therapeutic potential. Dr. Alan Lee has published his research findings in leading journals in neurosciences and cancer biology, and has served as editorial board member and reviewer in reputable journals.

OCM Member
Expert Head Chiropractor., Chiropractor, Treatment of back pain and other motor disorders
New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Clinic , USA
Biography :

After completing his medical education in Russia Dr.Kalika enrolled in Chiropractic school in Chicago. In 1997-1998 – Dr. Kalika received a fellowship in Manual Medicine in Motol Hospital in Prague, the Czech Republic under world-renowned Prof. Karel Lewit MD. Later on, Dr. Kalika studied at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic with another world-famous neurologist Vladimir Janda MD, hailed as the world’s leader in ‘rational therapy’ in musculoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation. Thereafter he met Prof. Pavel Kolar, the European sports celebrity doctor, and developer of DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) treatment method of musculoskeletal disorders. Observing Kolar’s treatment techniques and procedures and seeing how instantaneous the results were, Lev had little doubt what his next step would be. Through the years of studying in Prague and learning Czech language, Dr. Kalika was certified in both Vojta therapy and DNS according to Kolar approach. Dr. Kalika is very proud to be the first practitioner on the East Coast to have the privilege of introducing DNS methodology that changed the way back pain and other locomotor dysfunctions are regarded and treated. Being an active member of many scientific societies and taking over hundred different courses in the field of locomotor disorders, back pain, sports medicine, and rehabilitation, Dr. Kalika developed a strong interest in technological advances in the field of back pain and sports injury rehabilitation as well as diagnostic ultrasound application. Dr. Kalika spent several years learning from Christopher Powers P.T Ph.D. of USC – a world leader in biomechanical research and treatment of runners and professional athletes. Dr.Kalika also studied Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound under European renowned experts in orthopedic radiology prof. Alexander Kinzersky MD (Chelyabinsk, Russia) and Anna Vovchenko MD. Dr. Kalika is registered by ARDMS (The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) by passing first ever MSK (Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound) examination in the US. Since 2011 with move to the new clinic and acquisition of new groundbreaking technology (first privately owned in the US) CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) as well as establishing gait and running analysis, sports injury prevention and sports performance lab, Dr Kalika positioned himself as an expert in the field of conservative treatment of back, hip, knee and shoulder pain as well as sports injury disorders.Dr. Kalika is currently certified and is a member of: National Orthopedic Institute (Kiev, Ukraine); AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine); An active member of ISMST (International Society of Extra-Corporeal Shockwave Therapy); An active member of GCMAS (Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society); An active member of NASS (North American Spine Society); An active member of IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science); An active member of Virtual Rehabilitation Society; Over hundred postgraduate courses in the field of back pain, sports medicine, gait and neuromuscular, neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation. Dr.Kalika utilizes a variety of Manual Medicine, Physical Therapy and Osteopathic approaches which he has learned directly from world-renowned experts or has taken extensive formal training and certifications: DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization according to Kolar); Vladimir Janda (Muscle Imbalance Syndromes Approach; Manual Therapy Approach by Karel Lewit; ISM (Integrated System Approach by Diane Lee and L.J Lee); MSI (Movement System Impairment Approach by Shirley Scharmann); Mojisova approach; BPP by Jarmila Capova; KLAP Crawling; Muscle Energy Technique; Vojta Therapy (Treatment of neurological disorders in adults and children); CranioSacral therapy; Feldenkrais Approach; Christopher Powers Approach of return to sports and rehabilitation of PFPS (Patella Femoral Pain Syndromes) and sports-related knee injuries; Gait analysis and gait rehabilitation for runners and patients with orthopedic problems in lower extremities; Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery (Erick Franklyn) – ballet dance medicine Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy; ART (Active Release Technique); RUSI (Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging) for diagnosis and training of deep stabilizing system; Myofascial release; Positional Release; SEMG (Surface Electromyography Retraining for TMJ and Headache Disorders);

OCM Member
Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management
Jackson State University , USA
Biography :

Mustafa ‘Mike’ Z Younis is an internationally recognized scholar and served as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society for Research of Healthcare Financial Management. Dr. Younis has authored and published over 200 articles, abstracts and presentations in refereed journals and meetings, and has presented at national and international conferences. Dr. Younis has administrative experience as Senior Advisor to the President at Zirve University & Chair of the Department of Health Policy and Management at Florida International University (FL, USA), where he led the accreditation efforts for the Healthcare Management Program. Dr. Younis has a history of playing visible roles on the editorial boards of journals as Chief Editor, Guest Editor and Editorial board member of leading journals, such as IJMR, JHCF, Inquiry, JHHSA, JPBAFM Dr. Younis is a frequent speaker for both academic and professional audiences. His talks often feature his latest research and work in progress, as well as cross-industry trends and strategy implications. He has provided workshops and presentations for worldwide organizations. His research and findings apply to for-profit, non-profit, and government settings. Dr. Younis has consulted with several organizations on healthcare finance and economics. Dr. Younis is often invited to speak about the challenges in the healthcare industry and other related topics to health economics, finance, and research. He has presented topics, such as healthcare reform, ownership structure, profitability, unit cost, payment system and efficiency in management, at a variety of forums and conferences in USA, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

OCM Member
Chairman, Neurosurgery/ Spine Surgery
Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital , South Korea
Biography :

Park have Korean Board of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicines, and he has completed his Ph.D. at the age of 38 years from Kyungbuk University, South Korea. Heis the chairmen of Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital, South Korea. He has over 50 publications and has been serving as an editorial board member of reputed Journals.

OCM Member
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Complex Spine Surgeon, neuroscience
Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre , United Kingdom
Biography :

Mr Rafid Al-Mahfoudh is an appointed Consultant Neurosurgeon and Complex Spine Surgeon at the Hurstwood Park Neurosciences Centre and Royal Sussex County Hospital since 2015. He is senior lecturer at the University of Brighton and previously lecturer at the University of Liverpool. He is one very few surgeons with dual Orthopedic and Neurosurgical spine accreditation in addition to further specialist fellowship training in anterior skull base and minimally invasive neurosurgery in Adelaide and New York. He was the highest-ranking candidate in the PLAB exam for medical graduates. His training includes basic surgical training in Mersey Deanery followed by specialist Neurosurgery training in the Walton centre. The Walton Centre is the only hospital trust in the UK specializing solely in neurology, neurosurgery and pain services. This was followed by highly competitive subspecialist fellowships in orthopedic spinal surgery in Brisbane and further sub specialist training in anterior skull base, pituitary and minimally invasive neurosurgery in Adelaide and New York (Weill Cornell Medical College). He has extensive experience in treating the full spectrum of spinal disorders, pituitary tumors and endoscopic neurosurgical techniques. He has specialist interest in degenerative spine disorders, spine tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, hydrocephalus and brain tumors. Mr Al-Mahfoudh has in-depth medico legal experience starting early in his career. He has been Medico legal expert with an independent Medical Assessments Agency; Red Health) in Brisbane, Australia since November/2013, this included assessing and calculating the resulting disability according to the AMA guidelines. His interest in this area motivated him to complete the AMA Guides 5th Edition Training Course in Brisbane in June/2014. He has successfully completed a variety of both personal injury and medical negligence claims relating to spinal disorders in addition to neurosurgical claims. These claims have ranged from calculation of whole person impairment as a result of a claim, causation, medical negligence and expert opinion on potential claims.

OCM Member
Neuroscience speaker, Department Central Military Hospital
University of Barcelona , Spain
Biography :

Jorge Herrera Ramos is International University Lecturer, with more than ten years of experience. He is a good speaker and knowledgeable person in Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Neurology - Learning Systems, Evaluation of Behaviour and school performance. Along with that, he is a researcher in neuropsychological development and also Writer of publications of Neuropsychology of International Order. He has expirience of being President at International foundation of Neuroscience, Ambassdor of peace at UNESCO. He had also been academiec advisor for RED-PEA UNESCO schools, American Association Surgeons, National Autonomous University, Student Interest Group in Neurology, American Academy of Neurology, Central Military Hospital.

OCM Member
Neurosurgeon, Neurosurgery
Santa Casa de Ourinhos Hospital , Brazil
OCM Member
CEO , Neurology
RegenerAge Clinic , Mexico
Biography :

Dr. Osorio is a innovative businessman with an distinct entrepreneurial mindset concentrated in adding value on the areas of Biotechnology (mRNA), Reprogramming & Regenerative Medicine for translational use in humans and a variety of clinical applications aimed for both the private and the public health sectors. He is the CEO of RegenerAge Clinic and RegenerAge Beauty. VP and Clinical Developer for Bioquark, Inc., CCO at Reanima Advance Biosciences Project. President at Dr. Jois an anti-aging, beauty, and cosmetic products endorsement company. VP and Chairman of the WAMS Americas Division. Earned MD degree at Westhill University. Diplomate in aesthetic medicine (UAG), Advance Fellow by the ABAARM, visiting scholar at UNC at Chapel Hill in Dermatology. Fellow in Stem Cell Medicine by the A4M and USF, Business Diplomate at ECA, enrolled Master on Health Sciences at Victoria University. Has appeared on several occasions on International media, some of his latest broadcast appearances are CNN español, TV Azteca, Excelsior Newspaper, Medicable, PharmaBoard Room, and Podcasts among others. His public appearances as a speaker at the 2018 RAADfest (San Diego), 3rd International Conference on Molecular Medicine and Diagnostics (Dubai), Global Academic Business Forum on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (Baltimore), Second International Congress on mHealth (Shiraz), 6th International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (S.F), 11th World Congress on Cell & Tissue Science (Tokyo), 17th International Conference on Neurology and Neuroscience (Toronto), 9th International Conference & Exhibition on Tissue Science and Regenerative Medicine (Las Vegas) among others, makes him a pioneer on the Regenerative+Reprogramming Medicine Field. His passion for football, brought as a result the Dr.Jois Foundation A.C aimed at helping those American football athletes who have sustained injury get another chance through the Regenerative & Reprogramming Medicine.

OCM Member
Consultant Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Department
Healthpoint Hospital , United Arab Emirates
Biography :

Walter Bini has completed his Diploma at Westminster School, Simsbury Conn. USA and Post-graduate degree at Universidad de Zaragoza, Facultad de Medicina, Zaragoza-Spain. In 2014, he was the Middle East Chairman of ISLASS. He was Head of Neurosurgery at Sheikh Khalifa General Hospital, UAQ-UAE from 2014-2016. Currently, he is Consultant Neurosurgeon in Orthopedic department, spine section of Lanzo Hospital COF, Lanzo d’Intelvi in Italy and also Visiting Consultant Neurosurgeon in Orthopedic department at Healthpoint Hospital, UAE.

OCM Member
Medical Doctor/ Physician, Medicine
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran , Iran
Biography :

I am Dr. Mojtaba Mafi M.D., Medical Doctor/ Physician, who graduated from Tehran University, School of Medicine with honor. I studied in the neurosurgery ward and graduated with A score with a thesis on Meningioma Brain Tumor for 6 years. With continuing my practice with special consideration on psychosomatic disorders, I completed many post-graduate courses on health psychology, addiction medicine, sexual disorders therapy successfully. I passed many post-graduate courses in Neuro, approved by Medical sciences university. As well, I have been passed postgraduate courses on Nutrition, I successfully passed more than 10 programs with certificates and membership in the Iranian. I had passed Beauty and Skincare courses in South Korea and certified from Sunghuwan co Ltd for using and working of beauty technology, RF and IPL.

Research Interest :

Substance Addiction

OCM Member
Amrit Drug Deaddiction and Research Foundation , India
Biography :

Jaswinder Singh Gandhi is working with an NGO “Amrit Drug De-addiction and Research Foundation”. He has 15 years’ experience in drug de addiction field with more than 2500 patients. He is a member of various national and international Institutions which are working on drug de-addiction namely ASAM, NAADAC, ISAM, IPS, IMA, ISA, ISCCM, ISSM. In addition to a MBBS and MD degree, he is certified by ISAM (International Society of Addiction Medicine) in substance use disorders scoring 82% marks. ISAM is funded by World Health Organization and NIDA(USA). He has attended many national and International Conferences (Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand) and has presented his research works on de-addiction. Recently he presented his work in WPA conference held at Madrid (Spain) and IPS conference at Hyderabad and AIIMS New Delhi. His research papers have been published in International journals of repute with high impact factor. He is a reviewer of Buprenorphine website “Buppractice” which has trained more than 3000 doctors, and which is funded entirely by SAMHSA (American Govt.). He has won 3000 US Dollars fellowship award at ISAM 2013 conference held at Kuala lumpur where more than 1000 doctors from 100 countries of the world had participated. In year 2014 he has been nominated for prestigious “Voice” awards of SAMHSA (American Govt.) He has been given state award on 15 August 2015 by Govt. for his services in field of Drug de-addiction. He has developed an interactive software “SANTAM” helping patients as well as physicians in diagnosis and treatment of Substance Use Disorder. This software is first of its kind in Punjabi. This software is available for free download. This software has been translated in many languages and at present being used at premier mental health institute NIMHANS, Bangalore. In addition, his articles and stories are being published regularly in various leading newspapers, magazines and International Journals of repute. He is appearing regularly on Television and Radio shows for live interactive talk against drug addiction.

Research Interest :

Substance Addiction

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